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Project YC-14 Materials

Well after picking up the materials from the $Store I don’t think I’ll ever buy a kit again.

Shopping list.

$7.50 (6 @ $1.25) Foam sheets of 20″ X 30″ (3/16th”) (Kit calls for 4 sheets.)
$2.00 (2 @ $1.00) Strong / thick packing tape
$1.00 12″ BBQ skewers
$1.00 Wooden stir sticks (Instructions call for tongue depressors and popsicle sticks.)
$1.00 Wooden dowel set (For wing supports)
$1.25 Mini glue sticks
$1.25 Cutting blades.
$15.00 + taxes and a lot of material will be left over.

Future items:
Land gear
Parachute character and other droppable goodies.


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