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Project YC-14 Black Nose

September 7, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

My son has named the plane “The Cobra” and wants to paint it blue, green with some yellow.

Now as part of the build we used a lot of tape. So I did some spray tests. Not good results.

FliteTest did a piece on painting foam board and also talked about applying MinWax to the foam to 1. water proof it and 2. make it a lot easier to paint.

I happened to have some in the shed and went to work testing.

Oh yes. I put up 2 shelves in the “storage area” today. Now less likely trip over the big plane.


The 2nd shelf is for my battery station. Tiles and an ammo box. I’ll add a fire alarm next.


On to the paint. My Minwax was a little old and tinted for oak but who cares. As you can see left is untreated.


So I decided to try it on the nose of the plane which I wanted matte black to 1. help in directional viewing while flying and 2. prevent over exposure with the GoPro camera.



You can see the tint from the oak colour.


Taped off and ready for paint.


Letting the paint dry. Yes I used BBQ paint. I had it in the cabinet 😉


I did see some wrinkles on the sides. So that tells me I put it on to thick and maybe should have let the Minwax setup a little longer.


Still that is bad ass looking.


Next colours will be blue, green with yellow accents as demanded by my young co-pilot.


We played with the idea of doing more of the plane in matte black but decided it might look like a skink 🙂


I can’t wait to go flying.  But I tell you my next plane will use less packing tape and will be air brushed.


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