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Foam Board Minwax and Airbrush

September 8, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

So after reading about the Minwax process on Flitetest.com I did a test using some old Oak stained Minwax. The results were nice but the oak did change the colour. I did purchase a  can for $16. The $8 can was tiny. Made more sense to buy the larger one since I suspect we’ll be building a lot of planes over the next while.

Again Flitetest.com did a great piece on painting foam board air planes. So I went to Princess Auto and bought a $15 airbrush kit, windex and some paints from the local air store.

Paints were expensive but really if you were to buy rattle can paint it is on par.

Also picked up a fire alarm for the new charging station and a glue gun with a trigger. Hobbies are costly :).


Next task was to setup a paint station in the garage. I’m a car guy and work on my cars.

So my benches get messy. Laid down some new paper and a board on the backside.

Set my compressor to 20 PSI and mixed some paint.


Then prepped the YC-14 for a coating of Minwax.


It does change the colour but not as bad as the Oak stained stuff we tested with. However the tape is an issue.

Also watching the video the Flitetest guys mentioned the hotglue will not stick to the surface once your minwax your plane.

So be warned ;).


One nice thing about airbrush paints is they are non toxic and have no fumes.

I did try and test James to paint is short bursts but he got impatient and soaked the test piece.

I showed him the bowed piece this morning but do hope he keeps trying. Airbrush work is fun when it goes well.

So we can use this on other projects besides foam based planes for sure.


Taped off and ready. By this time James had lost interest so I worked by myself.


Like Is said above. Slow light coats work but the tape job ruined the outcome.

My next build will use a lot less tape for sure.


That said for our first attempt very happy with the colour lay down. The next plane is going to very colourful.


I did let the paint dry and come back for a 2nd coat.

Next time I will also give the Minwax coat a few hours to dry.

Clean up with the gun is very easy. I ran some water and Windex through till the tip and so on were clear.



  • Water bottles are great for mixing (See the flitetest video)
  • Mix more then you need.
  • And yes the Windex idea works but will foam.
  • My gun is cheap but did the job but seems to be happier with a bit of a down angle (25-45 degrees)
  • Watch the flow and start away from the surface to avoid splatters.

Overall this is a nice way to paint. Just take your time and try not to soak the surfaces.

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