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Hard day for the Tiger Moth

September 14, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Top tip. Micro Tiger Moth can not handle camera.

Crashed on take off and did some pretty heavy damage.

We did a field repair job and I did go flying again but on the second flight my GoPro camera slipped off of my head distracting me enough that I ended up crashing again.

A quick visit to the local $ Store for some supplies and then a repair session.

It was a pure nose dive crash. Damaging the cowl area. We glued and epoxy filled the cracks at the field.


But this is the 3rd time I’ve had the struts come off. We had used epoxy on them but my 2nd crash of the day undid that.


Other wise for a plane that got hammered today.


She’s in good shape. I applied some thin pieces of tape to seem on the right side.


Close up of the damage from today.


$Store epoxy.


I had to remove all the old glue and epoxy to ensure the new job was strong.



Used my hobby knife and very slowly chipped away.



Epoxy time.


While I let the epoxy set in I #’d my 1S.


Makes logging and usage easier.


I’ll let the epoxy set over night and in the morning she’ll be flight ready.


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