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Project YC-14 Clear Nose

September 14, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of my friends said I ruined the profile of the plane by sticking the GoPro camera up top.


So I began researching ways to mount the camera into the nose of the plane.

This will require doing some plastic moulding.

2 really nice results came back from my search for “RC Canopy Forming”

I’m now saving packaging in order to try this.

First thing I will do edit the current nose to work with the GoPro.

I will have to check to see what the field of view is from the camera so I do not reduce that but I think I can foam some plastic between the peak and upper piece.

Then put in a shelf and secure points for the camera. I’d probably opt not run it in the hard case.


When the FPV phase begins I envision creating a new nose section which would be removable to access the GoPro and FPV hardware.

More styled like an early B52 nose but using plastic to give the GoPro a forward view and the FPV camera would point forward or down for the bomb runs.

Here is a quick drawing of what I am thinking of doing.

Glue a collar onto the fuselage and then setup a few skewers.

First set holds the base where the GoPro camera, FPV mount, battery and TX go.

Second set of skewers hold the actually canopy because I’ll need access to the cameras in order to turn on and off the GoPro.

Still lots of work to do to achieve the shape I want but still think it is possible. Now to save up some packing plastic and test this idea out.

The main goal is to have a clear view from both camera but keep strength.


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