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Project YC-14 Cockpit GoPro

September 14, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I should be in bed sleeping but just finished up version one of putting the GoPro into the cockpit of the YC-14.

Biggest issue is the quality of the plastic. I will have to find something better other wise I’m reducing the video sharpness.

I also have to paint the inside of the cockpit or I’ll mess with the exposure I suspect.

So here are some decent profile shots of the YC-14.


Still need to sort out the paint but that can be done later.


T tail, 60″ x 10″ wings with power pods for the motors and ESC.


Just need those parts and we can think about flying.


And now a plastic covered cockpit.


Used 2 bbq skewers to secure the camera mount in place.


Just a basic non-moving mount.


But at least it will keep the GoPro secure.


Camera in the cockpit.


That will work just fine I do think.


I can remove the camera with the mount installed. It is a bit of a pain but can be done.


Hatch open.


And for reference of how big this plane is.


Early video grab before I put the plastic over the front.


In better lighting. I will have to paint the inside for sure.


We do lose a little bit of a detail with the plastic but eh can’t do it all.


I’ll take the plane outside tomorrow and see if I can get some exterior shots to test the exposure.

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