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Tiger Moth Motor Mount Repair

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

After successfully repairing the damage from Saturday a new problem presented itself this morning at the air field.

The motor had broken away from the mount and was bouncing all over the place.

We attempted a field fix with CA glue but it worked itself free after 4 flights.

So this afternoon the Tiger Moth went under the knife.

First order was the remove the tape from the last nights repairs. I did remove some red paint but I can touch that up later.


Popsicle stick is a nice way to keep the area open.


That is the motor mount.


So over the plane goes. Some tape rolls to keep the controls safe.


Motor in place and hot glued.


Having a wide opening is important other wise the glue gun tip can/will melt the foam.

I used a stick to force the motor down onto the glue/mount.

Make sure to hold it in position till dry and solid. Also watch the gears.


Taped and back together. She’s a war bird. Can’t look to pretty.


I also noticed today my tail was out of centre.


I worked with the control rod to adjust that.


Got it closure to where I wanted it.


Wont know till I fly again.


That is it for the next 2 weeks. Next weekend we are racing.

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