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Project YC-14 Twin Motor Test

September 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

We may actually fly this plane tomorrow.

Still need to find the GC and balance the props but we will bring it out to the flying field in the morning.

Tonight my Dad who is also getting into the hobby came over to help.

He had a look at the JR radio which I felt was asking funny. The battery power port had a lose connection and the rev switches needed to be blown out.

He also came up with a landing gear idea.

I did all the servos, wiring and finished off the power pods which included adding some forward skewers to keep the pods from dipping down. Testflite idea.

Little taxi test. Landing gear did not cope so well.

On to the photos.

First job was to move the BEC on the 2nd ESC to power the cargo/fpv receiver setup.


The power (red cable) is easy enough. I used a connector off an old on/off battery wire from my gas plane.


I then used the end connector and wire from a computer cd/dvd audio cable. Solider it and heat shrink.


Then it was time to do the 2nd power pod. Originally I went with the power pods because I figured I’d be flying other plane.

My wife sort of did not like that idea. So my plan is simple perfect this model 😉


Setting up the motor. I used servo mounting hardware. Screws and brass sleeves.


On wheels. My Dad came up with this.


To the point. Should help with landings.


Front wheel.

IMG_6926 IMG_6927

Batteries in position. I will find the GC in the am.


Wing is pretty well ready for wiring.


Servos all hot glued into position.


We noticed the power pods were dipping down. So I did the flitetest pin trick.

IMG_6931 IMG_6932 IMG_6933

Also used numbering labels on everything. Motor/ESC 1 is the master.


The wing is done.

IMG_6935 IMG_6936

Aileron and ESC wires all taped down with extensions and labels.


I’m waiting on connectors to make a proper X setup for the batteries and ESC.


But for now this is decent.


Technically I can just disconnect the batteries and put the wing to one side.


After the gear failed I came back with a thicker piece of wood.


So if all goes well she may fly in the morning.

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