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Project YC-14 Analogue VS Digital

September 29, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today was very disappointing at the flying field.

Also a little scary.

I had been hoping to use my old JR radio but after today it has become clear it is a bad idea.

A very helpful group of people where working with me to setup the YC for her maiden flight but the radio was glitching.

Tons of interference. At one point while trying to setup the props the plane went nuts and spun to full throttle.

The right side prop which was not locked down flew off at top speed striking a friend in the arm.

  • Prop safety is a must.
  • If you are serving the plane remove the props other wise fasten them down.
  • If the props are attached. Have the wing secured.

I’m still shaken from the experience. We were very lucky no one was seriously hurt.

I will step up my efforts and be more vigilante.

Photo showing the side of the plane also was damaged from the prop strike.


After the radio issues calmed down we remove the props and conducted some tests.

At a certain distance the radio and plane would stop working.

The newer digital radios simply over power the older analogue tech. Specially the FPV gear.

One of the quad operators reported he was having issues and we suspect it was my radio.

I do have a Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware) ordered but that is a Christmas gift from my wife.

I decided to opt on the side of safety and ordered an additional 6 channel radio which I will use till Christmas and then my son will use to control the bomb drops/cargo servos and fpv later on.

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