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YC-14 Dusk/Night Flight

This evening we managed 4 flights on the pair of 2200 batteries. Not to bad. Estimated 12-15 mins of flight. Still respectable comparing the plane weights well over 2KG and does not have best props on yet.

Here is a video from the flights tonight. I removed the “dash” from GoPro mount so there is a much better view.

BTW tossing the plane for the first time is interesting. A lot more power then I suspected.

James came out with me but once again the analogue tech just flat out failed. Poor guy just wants to drop bombs.

As soon as I got to altitude both the belly pod and cargo ramp opened! So I’ve removed the old rx setup and put the 2 servos onto the 5 and 6 controls on the 2.4 radio I’ve borrowed from a friend.

James will get another shot on Saturday.

Over all the night flying is interesting.

Photos will explain the changes I made.


Landing at night is tough. Hard on the landing gear.


In fact lost a wheel.


Onto the changes. I’m happy with the balance to the old upper batter shelf can come out but I needed

to add a wall the keep the cargo contained.


Just tapped in while I test.


Swapped the white and blue lights. Not conventional but prefer the bright lights lead the way.


White on the nose + longer skewers for the GoPro mount.


The other $Store light. Sooner or later I’ll hardwire them in.


Wing tip. 2 lights just made the plane a lot easier to view and now they both point out to the side.




The paradude kept getting stuck. I suspect it was the wire for the ramp. This may help?


I want a light in there so I can see while flying.


New landing gear setup.


Will have to adjust the nose gear or trim the wood down. I’ll test it on a landing first.


All lite up.


I think that will do the trick.


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