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Micro Tiger Moth Motor Replacement.

October 12, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

A few weekends ago the Tiger Moth’s motor died.

They are brushed motors so this is to be expected. I order a replacement from my local store.


Here it is from Flyzone and the annoyingly high stick price.


First thing you have to is open the plane up. Since I’ve done a few repairs already this was not an issue.


I did go a lot further back this time so I could open the frame up a touch more to work exposing the motor and transmission.


Receiver and mini servo setup. Notice the prop motor disconnect towards the back.


I did have to cut the wire to the motor because it ran under the board and I did not want to solder inside the plane.


New motor and wires all setup.


I did run the wire a little different. Due to the wire not being able to pass under the radio rx.


I did notice while flying it may have been a touch tail heavy so I may move the connector forward.


Dab of glue to lock the wires down.


But ready for a test run.


Everything worked well.


Sunday morning. We had a very successful flight.

IMG_3859   IMG_3864

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