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YCR-14 “R” is for Recon

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well not really but it is funny.

So the new nose graph job went as planned. Did not alter the CG to much to be honest.

A little nose heavy but I can balance it out a touch more.

I had planned to make the new nose removable but that was before I learned a new trick this evening.

How to roll foam board into a round tube. This changes everything.

I’m now thinking about a whole new air frame. Maybe a B17?

On to the photos.

The video on youtube called this the gut roll. Yep a bar, foam and your belly.

It worked for me but damn hard on my ribs heh.


Still the results are very exciting.


I’m going to try and form a few sections and we shall see about making a proper air frame.


Blow out photo but see they are more or less the same dimension.


Just the round one will naturally perform better.


Onto the YCR operation. Cut and removed the old nose.


Cleaned out inside/forward bulk head.


Lots of damage in there 😉


On of the things I wanted to correct with the YC was landing gear. I want to taxi. So I made up a shaft.


The servo attached to the rudder via Y connector.


As I said I had planned to make the nose removable but changed my mind. Glued it all in place.


Had to patch up a few holes.


So there we go. I will make the top of the nose removable so I can access the GoPro.


Will most likely paint it black again as well. Find it helps me with the direction of the plane.


I will add some post board to help with the air flow over the nose as well.


And I was able to steer the plane. Hooray.


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