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The AJR-48

November 3, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

After the demise of the YC-14 today I set out to plan our next plane.

A winter specific plane.

Addressing a few things I learned today while trying to fly with the colder temperatures.

– Rubber bands suck. Super hard to put on with cold fingers.

The AJR-48 will fit into the trunk of my car so I can assemble it at home. Arrive and fly.

The car trunk will allow a 48″ wing. The YC-14 had a 60″ wing. I had considered cutting it down but then I would have to revamp all the flap and aileron lengths. It is now safely stored away till next spring when the YC-14 will return with a new airframe.

– Battery pack access.

The 48 will allow for much better access to the battery compartment via a removable top section.

– The bomb bay which was successfully removed from the YC-14 will be integrated into the wing section on the 48 but will be removable. Skewers will be used to secure the pod into the plane. The bomb bay doors and attached servos will be fixed to the pod.

– The body will be 36″. 6″ Nose section, 6″ bomb bay section and 24″ to the tail.

– Wing will be 48″. 21.5″ on each side of the bomb bay. 14″ ailerons and 7″ flaps (these may change). The motors will be integrated into pods on the wings similar to the YC-14 but smaller.


First I created a “template” of the plane 48″x36″ to test the trunk fit idea. (Very scientific.)

IMG_3983 IMG_3984

This proved the wings will fit and I do have enough room to lift the plane out without issue. Well that is the theory :).


I managed to extract the egg pod from the YC-14. As mentioned above the pod will have the bay doors and servos fitted to it. Then be made so it can be removed by releasing some skewers. Allowing the pod to be loaded into any plane we design. Handy.


Battery platform started. Glued onto of the egg pod. An access cover will be built next.


I plan on locating the batteries on the pod which is centred on the wing. Should keep the CG balance but that is unknown right now.


4.5″ tall, 4.75″ at the widest and 36″ long.


Mach-up of the new wing design featuring an opening where the bomb pod can be loaded in.

IMG_7360 IMG_7361

And the basic idea of the plane. 48″ wide wing. 21.5″ from the side of the bomb pod.


24″ tail section.


6″ nose and 6″ bomb pod. Again all in development.


Tomorrow night I will start on the wing section.


I’m referencing 2 airplanes right now but naturally the AJR-48 will have more flare.

ParkZone: Ultra Micro Mosquito Mk VI BNF (PKZU1380)

Durafly Messerschmitt Bf.110 – 1200mm (PNF)

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