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AJR-48 Airframe

November 5, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Using the FliteTest Spitfire and my experience building the YC-14 the AJR-48’s airframe had started coming to life.

According to the spec’s from the Bristol Bolingbroke the AJR’s design of 48″ for the wing span and 36″ for the body is an accurate ratio for the real plane. What do you know.

On to the photos.

Matching up the sides and bottoms.


The body is 36″ so I had to add 6″ to the tail section.


Prepping to draw out the bottom section of the plane.


Nice part with a tail dragger it is flat on the bottom.


A few minutes later and it is glued in with the area opened up for the bomb pod.


I originally was going to cut a larger hole for the pod but decided to leave the sides for support.


Doors open.


No interference issues.


Doors closed. May run some wood stir sticks along the sides for extra support.


Up front. I have an idea and design for the nose but that will come tomorrow.


The plane for the wing is to have it run more or less around the bomb pod and battery tray. You’ll see. 😉


Bomb pod servos. The whole unit is self-contained.


I will use skewers to secure the pod in place.


Sort of the idea for the nose. I will cut it to shape and over lay a section of foam and clear plastic.


Tomorrow I will build up the nose and top sections.


At least it is a start.


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