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AJR-48 Wiring Harness, MinWax & Weight.

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Busy evening.

#1 the AJR-48 is 1.5 KG’s with the 2 batteries and gopro loaded. Respectable.

#2 I took the plane into the garage and applied MinWax to protect it from water/snow.

#3 Everything about this new plane is smaller or compact.

So the YC-14’s wiring harness just was to big. In fact I had to wrap it around the inside of the plane.

Tonight once the family all went to bed I broke out the soldering gear and built a much smaller harness.

– The silicon wire was part of the hellish 6Ch order from HK.


I combined the TX connectors and formed an X pattern following the guide I had made earlier for the YC-14 project.


– I did not need to have pair of connectors in the middle this time so the 4 I had left over worked well.



– The AJR-48 wiring harness vs the YC-14’s harness.


– Just long enough to connect the ESC’s in and reach the batteries. Purpose built. Light weight.


– By doing a cross over pattern with the batteries I reduce the folding required to get around and connect nicely.




– Happy with the results.


– I also minwaxed the plane tonight which protects it from water.


– Now James and I can paint. Once we end the colour scheme debate 😉


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