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AJR-48 Tail Heavy

November 16, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

It seems I can’t get away from this problem.

Todays test flight reviled that I had my CG all wrong and the plane was very ill handling because of the tail heavy issue.

On the first take off I was at the end of the runway when I flicked on the flaps which put the plane nose up but it was horrible uncontrollable. Resulting in a very poor landing.

On the 2nd take off attempt we removed the egg load but then noticed one of the landing gear had come off.

I removed the other and did a hand toss.

In flight I found the plane to be very pitchy from side to side and when the power was pulled back the tail heavy issue showed up again.

Landing was brutal I tried to bring it in gently but stalled out and dipped my right side wing.

– The AJR-48 minus the main landing gear.


– The right wing took a big hit on the first landing attempt.


– Scoring along the mid section. This is the part of the wing which is not doubled up.


– Nose section is creased.


– I’m removing the landing gear and keeping it off. Tired of this fight.


– Top section took some damage but the paint process may have played into this.


– So if I’m tail heavy the batteries will need to come as far forward as possible.


– Will remove the tail gear tonight as well.


Batteries will more or less lay down.


– I will have it ready for a flight tomorrow.


– Another picture of the right wing damage.


-Left is ok.


– The bomb pod is coming off for the next series of test flights.


– Another picture of the nose section.


– I will build a cap that goes in place of the bay doors.


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