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AJR-48 Lives On

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I found inspiration today. And also some technical knowledge which showed me my errors.

Swappable B25 Mitchell Twin-Engine Bomber showed up on Flitetest today.

It like mine is based off the FT Spitfire but has a 60″ wing span, 30″ length and 2″ fuselage width.

I also talked to someone who owns a bought B-25 which has a 57″ wingspan and the fuselage is 3.75″ wide.

Meaning my plane was a flying bus with stubby wings.

So this design is not dead yet. Seeing the swappable B-25 makes me want to rebuilt the Bristol Bomber for sure and this time paint it green.

I ran out and tested would a 60″ wing span work in the car?

YES it will!

IMG_4107 IMG_4108 IMG_4110 IMG_4111

I then check to see what space I need to run 2 3S 2200 cells. Both example only run a single 3S but I find 2 gives me balance.

But to run 2 cells side by side (Zippy compact 2200’s) requires a width of 3 1/8″. That is manageable.

It does mean running tighter tolerances on everything and less protection but the gear has proven it is touch.


It does mean the bomb pod is going to change from a 2×2 configuration to a 1×4 possibly a 1×3 if x4 is to long for the body that is only 30″.

Lets get building!

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