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The Bristol Bomber RC Plane

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thanks to seeing that wondering B25 today on FliteTest I have come back to building a WWII bomber.

Working from the concepts used for the AJR-48 the  Bristol Bomber RC Plane will have a 60″ wing span vs the previous 48″, the fuselage length is 30″ + 3″ nose section vs the previous 36″,  fuselage width is 3″ vs the previous 5″ and the  fuselage height is 5″ vs 4″ to aid in props clearing since I won’t be installing landing gear.

I’m very happy to making another attempt on this plane.

– Again using the FT Spitfire planes but with slight mods based off my own build and the B-25 designs.


– Tall and skinny. Just wide enough for the gopro.


– My putting the batteries upright on the sides I was able to keep the fuselage narrow.


– My Chief Weapons Officer was not impressed when I said we might not be able to drop 4 eggs.


– BTW the bomb pod is 80 grams with 6 servos and one receiver.


– I’m aiming to make it lighter.


– Lower walls and yes it is now a 1×4 10″ long 2.25″ wide.


– I can’t wait to have it fully assembled and installed.



More tomorrow night.

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