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AJR-48 Short & Slim Flies

November 30, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the morning I tested the weight reduced modifications.

It flew but was still tail heavy!

So after that flight I cut 2″ off the tail and re-did the nose firewall.

Much better.

– The first job was to remove the tail from the body.


– Based on the FT Spitfire I opt’d to remove 2″.


– Then I inserted 2 pieces of foam I could keep the structure solid and had something to glue to.


– Made sure to align and check the angle on the tail.


– Picked up a few grams of weight over but that is due to nose mods.


– I put on a full piece of wood to ensure the motor had something beefier to be glued to.

Increased nose weight which was wanted. Motor now points down and to the right.


– Painted the underside of the wings to help me see it better.


– Tail to firewall 32″ just about 35″ with the motor gear.


– Post flight. I need to glue the rudder section. It was misaligned.


– Also checking for water/snow issues.


– The tape traps the snow so I will remove and paper that sections.


– See the water build up. So all the new sections will get MinWax’d tonight.


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