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AJR-48 Slim Chance

November 30, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tonight I had my first winter flight experience.

Testing the AJR-48 in single prop config. Glad the snow was soft because the tail heavy issue is still present.

So I went radical on the plane.

– Time to perform an operation and lose some weight in the tail section.


– I removed as much as I could while trying to keep some of the strength.


– Pretty big chuck of foam gone.


– Removed the metal rudder servo and put in a 15g eco one.


– Wide power pod also was trimmed down. Removed the whole bottom section.


– A lot tighter but manageable.


– At least I know it will land in snow with no issues.


– It is indeed a lot lower now.


– I think the centre foam bit is a touch to big but need belly surface.


– I hope this fixes the tail heavy issues and returns some power.


I may alter the power pod yet to move the battery even more forward.


– 550g lighter.


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