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Images By Fred Davidson

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Great write up about myself and the racer car

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Gary Grant of just did an awesome piece about my first race weekend.

He did a wonderful accounting the year long work up to get into racing.

Thanks dude. My wife read it out to the whole family.

VARAC Fest 2010 Group C Sunday Morning Race

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Post Race Photos

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Just a collection of images from today.

Fiona resting off site. Took off the cover to dry her out.My CASC registation number

I took the cover off the car to let her dry out.

Notice my CASC # ia 2010-24 pretty cool eh. The exhaust. Flex pipe is nicely ground down.

I will be using a better nut & bolt setup next time. Maybe a double nut?

Need to get a longer tube for the fuel vent. We moved it during the race weekend to prevent it from venting on the track while in sharp turns.

My header. Its not bad, if I ever have the money or time I’ll get it coated. Engine shots.

We changed the belt at the track. During the weekend I was having issue with oil on the valve cover. The oil cap is suspect. Also was having starter issues. Notice the worn out wire.

Extra battery kill decal. Those old RA1’s impressed me.

Just for Burt and my lovely GT6 which I miss driving.

Awesome photos

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Mosport Video Feature Race

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Sunday’s Group C “Historic” Feature Race.
Best Time 1:54.589 Best Speed 124.316

Part 1 and part 2. Got a meatball for my fallen exhaust which ended my session early.

VARAC Fest 2010 Group C Feature Race from André Rousseau on Vimeo.

Mosport Photos

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So details will start coming out shortly, but it was an amazing experience.
The high was short lived due to a trailer failure on the run home.
My Laps results. Did a 1:54 at Mosport with a best speed of 124.316KM/H

Launching Now

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Prepping for Mosport

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Wednesday 16 June 2010.
– Calmed down, but its been raining so I have not been able to do much. Will go to bed shortly so I can wake up early to install the hitch and pack up the kit.

A good friend Stef has lent me his Dodge truck for the weekend. That thing sounds awesome.
Might become a Dodge truck fan by accident.

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